387mm (20 Inch) Kris Holm Trials

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The KH20 is a top quality unicycle designed for trials, street, and flatland riding. It is also a durable mountain unicycle for kids.

An abundant use of one-piece forged components ensures high strength and durability.

- One-piece forged, 7005 alloy frame crown and neck for high strength without bulk
- Slim (93 mm) crown combines a flat section with fork blades that curve inwards at the top. This prevents bashed knees while enabling frame tricks not possible with a fully rounded crown.
- One-piece forged CrMo Spirit hub for strength and reliability
- One-piece forged seatpost for high strength
- Fusion Slim saddle is easy to grab for tricks

- Wheel size: 387mm (20")
- Color: Black
- Frame: KH Trials - One-piece forged
- Saddle: KH Fusion Slim
- Seat post: KH One-piece forged, black
- Seat clamp: KH Double Bolt
- Tire: 67-387 (20x2.50") Maxxis Creepy Crawler
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Rim: KH 387mm (19"), 36 hole, 47 mm wide, eyelets, offset spokes
- Hub: KH Spirit ISIS CrMo
- Cranks: KH Spirit ISIS, Dual 117/137mm
- Pedals: DX KH Plastic Pedals - Studded
- Number of Spokes: 36
- Weight: 5.4kg
- Leg length: Minimun 64cm

Shipping weight: 7,00 kg
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