559mm (26 Inch) Nimbus ISIS Muni Disc

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The 26" Nimbus MUni is a mid range MUni that is both relaible and strong. It comes with Nimbus's amazing Dominator2 rim which is double walled and eyeleted, making it super strong and super light.  In addition the rim also comes with Duro Wildlife Leapard 26" x 3" Tyre.  For that extra bit of weight saving it also comes with Nimbus 'Studded' Plastic Pedals which are super grip.

A 26" Muni is a perfect compromise between 24" and 29". It is faster than a 24" Muni and more agile than a 29" one. There are tons of 26" tire for bikes available and so you can upgrade this Muni very easy for your purpose.

The "Disc-Version" comes already with a disc brake

- Wheel size: 559mm (26")
- Color: Black
- Frame: Nimbus II Frame with machined 42mm bearing housings, disc mount
- Saddle: Nimbus Stadium Saddle, black
- Seat post: 25.4mm Seat Post - Aluminium - Reinforced -350mm
- Seat clamp: 2 Bolt aluminum clamp
- Tire: 75-559 (26 x 3.0") Duro Wildlife Tire
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Rim: Nimbus Dominator Aluminium Double-Walled Rim - 42mm wide
- Hub: Nimbus ISIS Disc Hub
- Cranks: 150mm - Nimbus ISIS VCX Cranks
- Brake: Shimano Standard incl. 180mm rotor
- Pedals: Alu BMX Pedals, black
- Number of Spokes: 36
- Weight: 7.6kg.
- Leg length: 75 - 97cm


The minimum step length applies with shorted seat post.

Learn more about step length and wheel sizes.

How to assemble a unicycle.


Shipping weight: 9,00 kg
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