584mm (27.5 Inch) Qu-ax Muni Q-Axle

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A new bike trend: 27.5 - Now also in the Muni scene available!
Ligther and more agile as 29" Muni, faster and better over bumps rolling as a 26" Muni. 27.5" is an alternative between that sizes.
You don't have to decide "Muni or Cross" - 27.5 is both!

The Q-Axle Muni are the successor of the Qu-ax ISIS Muni. The ISIS axle has here been replaced by a technique that has been used in the cycle industry since 2002: The axle has a 24mm diameter instead of the ISIS-typical 22mm and is more hollow which makes it lighter (the bigger diameter allows a thinner wall). The cranks are no longer tightened as much on the axle as possible - but precisely positioned by an alloy cap and then fixed by tightening 2 allen-key-screws on the crank. The crank-connection has less wear and is more resistant to frequent assembly/dissassembly. Also, just like from tapersquare to ISIS, the connection-surface that transfers the pedaling-power is bigger.

Thanks to the more hollow-drilled axle, already the hub is more than 130g lighter than its ISIS-predecessor. It also makes the axle stiffer. As the bearings still keep the same outer-diameter, the hubs are compatible with all ISIS-ready-frames.

- Wheel size: 584mm (27.5")
- Color: Black
- Frame: Qu-ax Muni frame with Magura brake bosses, steel
- Saddle: Qu-ax Muni
- Seat post: 25.4mm aluminum seat post with gusset
- Seat clamp: 2-Bolt clamp
- Tire: Maxxis HighRoller II, 75-584 (27.5x3.0")
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Rim: Strong double walled rim
- Hub: Q-Axle Disc-hub, red
- Cranks: Q-Axle 145mm cranks, anodized grey
- Pedals: BMX metal pedals, black
- Number of Spokes: 36
- Weight: 5.9kg
- Leg length: 82 - 100cm

Qu-ax is writing:

As first unicycle-maker, QU-AX shifts the Muni 26" towards the new standard of mountainbikes: 27,5", also known as 650B.

At Eurobike or Taipei Cycle Show, it was already quite hard to find a 26" Mountainbike to look at. Even rim- or tire makers are only developping new products or tire-patterns for the new size. We keep the pace and shift our Muni #1702 to 27,5" from now on!


  • It's lighter than 29"
  • system-weight of tire, tube and rim is only 5% higher than a comparable 26" wheel (29" is around 12% heavier!)
  • which makes a better acceleration than a 29" and at the same time...
  • better rollover due to a better attack-angle of the wheel. A 29" wheel rolls around 14% more efficient over a 6cm high object than a 26" wheel. A 27,5" wheel rolls around 9,8% more efficient over this obstacle than a 26" wheel - with a lot of less weight than the 29"
  • More tire touches the ground, there's simply a bigger contact patch - more traction, more control!
The new Muni 27,5" comes with the Maxxis HighRoller II tyre in 27,5"x2,4", a foldable tire.

That's what our tester said:
Comparing: a 26" and a 27,5" Muni
Both riders changed unicycles several times on the track, key-section were rode on both wheel sizes by both riders.
  • uphill: no real difference senseable, the tire has the same grip and slips just like the 26"
  • big difference, the wheel swallows obstacles and roots a lot better than the 26" - feels a lot faster
  • downhill: for sure it's faster - same agility as the 26" - rides smoother
  • jumping: no senseable difference (in terms of weight or intertia)

conclusion Marco: For me, the 27,5 is my new Downhill/Allround unicycle - I am curious how it is going to handle in harder downhills, will test in the bike-park, soon.
conclusion Jana: Compared to my 26", the 27,5" feels more efficient and rolls better over obstacles.


The minimum step length applies with shorted seat post.
Learn more about step length and wheel sizes.

How to assemble a unicycle.

Shipping weight: 9,00 kg
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