QX-Series Black Beauty Pedals - CrMo

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Unbelievable light pedal with a lot of grip and very good sealed bearings.

The new QX-series pedals "Black Beauty" are just unbelievably light. Even on the huge MTB-market, you will hardly find such light pedals with such a huge surface. The titanium-axle-version only weighs 202gms. With CrMo-axle, they still weigh only 247gms. This becomes possible due to a very flat body made out of Magnesium.

- Material: Magnesium
- Color: Black
- CrMo Axle
- Sealed bearings
- Replaceable steel pins
- 9/16 thread
- Weight: 260g (pair) - Manufacturer information: 247g.
- Fitting tool: 15mm wrench
- Sold in pairs


Pedal threads are different on the right and left!
- Right pedal: Loosen counter-clockwise (anticlockwise) / tighten clockwise
- Left pedal: Loosen clockwise / tighten counter-clockwise (anticlockwise)

Shipping weight: 0,30 kg
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