About us

"Dissatisfaction is our engine for Improvement"

Everything started with this sentence. The reason for our shop was dissatisfaction.
A state from which we want to save our customers from. Because by us, customer service is first on the List!

Our Company name - Under this name, we are known at home and abroad.

We are unicycle.com Deutschland and belong to the family of the World largest Unicycle Shops.

We are suppliers for the German speaking Countries and also many European unicycle.com Customers.

So our Logo is:

Our legal company name is:  Petra Wende und Roland Wende GbR

The Municycle.com Team:

Petra is present at every Event with Roland. And spends a lot of time to talking to the people to see what kind of problems they are having. Also to find out, the wishes of the Unicyclists. Petra is the good hearted soul from municycle.com. You can find her on the phone or in the Store, either place you're in good Hands.
Also Shipping and Billing lies in her hands...

Petra does not ride a Unicycle and therefore she can see everything with neutral eyes and can judge a lot better and impartially.

... with her the customers lie in the best hands...

Roland has the technology and is the man for the technical stuff. He keeps the web shop up and running, builds wheelsets and Unicycles and knows which problems with which Unicycles can happen and have happened. He catches the mistakes before they are shipped.

Roland has always ridden bikes - Racing Bikes, Mountain bike, Mountain bike Trial, Downhill. Since a couple of years Unicycle, his favourite being Muni and Unitrial. He tests a lot of parts personally and was also a test rider for the Qu-ax splined hubs / cranks.

... with him your Unicycle lies in the best hands...

Our Store:

... is in Gewerbering 26, 90574 Roßtal- Germany. Please call us ahead of time and tell us when you are coming ...


Meet us at unicycle events: