Assembly of unicycle

Please note: This is a general assembly instruction. Tools, procedures and parts of the shown unicycle are maybe different to yours!

You will need the following tools:

  • 10mm Wrench (fort he bearing holders)
  • 15mm Open-End Wrenchl (for the Pedals)
  • Hacksaw (for shortening the Seatpost)


The Professionals use tools like these. The Pipe Cutter makes cutting the Seatpost easier.


The following contents should be in your Box. Of Course, They can also look different and some are partially assembled:

  • Wheelset with Tire and Cranks
  • Saddle with Seatpost
  • Frame
  • Small Parts (see next Picture)


The small parts are

  • Seatpost Clamp (This is a Quickrelease Clamp)
  • 2 Bearing holders
  • 2 Pedals (Right and Left!)
  • 4 Nuts
  • 4 Washers (not for all models)
  • 4 Bolts


Please examine your Wheelset carefully. You have two Cranks (these are the parts that you are going to screw your Pedals too. one is a Right and one is a Left The Cranks are marked in different ways but no matter which way they are always a R and a L is in the markings. The markings are located on the inside of the Cranks. In the Picture are a few examples:


Now put your Frame on top of the bearings. The slot, on top of the frame, belongs in the rear. The Cranks are in riding position, Right crank, right side, Left crank, left side:


The next Step, we will be connecting the bearing holders with the Frame. They are held together with the bolts, washer, and nuts. The round thing in the middle is the bearing.


Now you can tighten the screws evenly.

How tight? The bolts should be tight but not overly tightened. Nothing on the Unicycle should rattle or shake. When you spin the Tire, it should flow smoothly. If not, then you have over tightened one or more of the bolts.


When you are complete, it should look something like this (some bolts are longer than others).


Now you can insert the Clamp over the Frame, not forgetting to open it. Now, Insert the Seatpost into the frame. Hey, it is starting to look like a Unicycle :)


Please look at your Pedals closely, they are marked Right and Left. The Pedals are also marked in different ways, but they are also marked. Here are some examples:


Caution: Screw the Right pedal in the right Crank and the left one in the left Crank.

Important to know, the Pedals have different threads.
The Right Pedal is screwed in turning Clockwise.
The Left Pedal is screwed in turning Counter Clockwise.

Please use the 15mm Open end Wrench to tighten the Pedals.

Now the Unicycle is completely assembled ! maybe the child does not fit on the Unicycle….. of course the saddle height must be adjusted.

In general, the same rules go for a Unicycle as for a Bicycle. If one sits on the Unicycle and puts the heel on the lowest pedal, the leg should be completely extended. As shown in the picture below.

Beginners ride with their Seat a little lower because this takes away the fear. There is nothing against it, but please do not exaggerate. If someone sits too low , you are prone to knee problems. The best way is to install the Saddle in the beginner`s phase and then adjust for personal preference.

Attention: the Saddlepost must still be at least 6 cm in the fork. If the saddle is too low then, you will need a longer saddlepost.

The Saddleposts are delivered by the manufacturers in a standard length, which will not allow you to put the saddle in the lowest position. If the seat position is still to high in the lowest position, then one must lend a hand again. Look and see how much your foot is still off the pedal. You can saw off this piece with the Hacksaw (or Pipe Cutterr) from the saddlepost


This is how our Unicycle looks with the seat in different positions:


Left: Saddle is in the highest Position.
Middle: Saddle is in the lowest Position when the original Seatpost is not cut.
Right: Saddle in the lowest Position when the Saddlepost is shortened.

Get a short version of this assembly instruction as a PDF-File.