Germany: 5,- EUR Flat Rate - Free shipping over 75,- EUR!

We deliver in Germany with DPD.

A island surcharge (15,50 EUR) is to be paid for parcels delivered to any German island. This will be indicated to you, before the end of your purchase:
Fährinsel Hiddensee, Helgoland, Chiemsee, Pellworm, Hooge, Langeneß, Gröde, Föhr, Amrum, Sylt, Langeoog, Spiekeroog, Wangerooge, Norderney, Juist, Baltrum, Borkum

Austria: 8,- EUR Flat Rate - Free shipping over 300,- EUR!

Countries outside (Europe / Worldwide):

Shipping to foreign Countries, everything depends on the Country and the weight of the items. We will only Bill you for the actual costs of our partners DPD, DHL and GLS. Please Note that there will be some additional weight for packaging.

The projected Shipping costs (without Island surcharges) are indicated in the "Shopping Cart". Please pick your Country in the Shipping suggestion Box.

By some foreign Islands there is a Surcharge, this will be indicated to you before the end of your purchase.

At the bottom of the Page is a Chart with the Shipping charges. They are sorted by Country and weight.


Carriage Charges - Sort by Countries and Weights:

Shipping by DPD:

With a shipping weight over 31kg another packet with the corresponding cost is sent.

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Shipping Time 2-3 Days

Up to 2kg. 11,10 EUR
Up to 4kg. 12,00 EUR
Up to 6kg. 12,80 EUR
Up to 8kg. 13,70 EUR
Up to 10kg. 14,80 EUR
Up to 12kg. 15,90 EUR
Up to 14kg. 17,00 EUR
Up to 16kg. 18,00 EUR
Up to 18kg. 19,10 EUR
Up to 20kg. 20,20 EUR
Up to 25kg. 22,70 EUR
Up to 31kg. 25,30 EUR

Denmark, Czech Republic
Shipping Time 2-4 Days

Up to 2kg. 12,50 EUR
Up to 4kg. 13,40 EUR
Up to 6kg. 14,40 EUR
Up to 8kg. 15,40 EUR
Up to 10kg. 16,60 EUR
Up to 12kg. 17,70 EUR
Up to 14kg. 18,90 EUR
Up to 16kg. 20,00 EUR
Up to 18kg. 21,10 EUR
Up to 20kg. 22,30 EUR
Up to 25kg. 24,90 EUR
Up to 31kg. 27,60 EUR

Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia
Shipping Time 3-5 Days

Up to 2kg. 27,80 EUR
Up to 4kg. 29,30 EUR
Up to 6kg. 30,70 EUR
Up to 8kg. 32,20 EUR
Up to 10kg. 33,90 EUR
Up to 12kg. 35,40 EUR
Up to 14kg. 37,30 EUR
Up to 16kg. 39,00 EUR
Up to 18kg. 40,10 EUR
Up to 20kg. 42,40 EUR
Up to 25kg. 44,60 EUR
Up to 31kg. 47,60 EUR

France, United Kingdom
Shipping Time 2-4 Days

Up to 2kg. 16,00 EUR
Up to 4kg. 17,30 EUR
Up to 6kg. 18,40 EUR
Up to 8kg. 19,60 EUR
Up to 10kg. 20,90 EUR
Up to 12kg. 22,30 EUR
Up to 14kg. 23,70 EUR
Up to 16kg. 25,10 EUR
Up to 18kg. 26,50 EUR
Up to 20kg. 27,80 EUR
Up to 25kg. 30,50 EUR
Up to 31kg. 33,40 EUR

Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
Shipping Time 2-5 Days

Up to 2kg. 19,30 EUR
Up to 4kg. 20,70 EUR
Up to 6kg. 22,00 EUR
Up to 8kg. 23,20 EUR
Up to 10kg. 24,80 EUR
Up to 12kg. 26,20 EUR
Up to 14kg. 27,70 EUR
Up to 16kg. 29,30 EUR
Up to 18kg. 30,80 EUR
Up to 20kg. 32,30 EUR
Up to 25kg. 35,20 EUR
Up to 31kg. 38,30 EUR

Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Sweden
Shipping Time 2-4 Days

Up to 2kg. 23,00 EUR
Up to 4kg. 24,50 EUR
Up to 6kg. 25,90 EUR
Up to 8kg. 27,30 EUR
Up to 10kg. 28,80 EUR
Up to 12kg. 30,30 EUR
Up to 14kg. 31,80 EUR
Up to 16kg. 33,40 EUR
Up to 18kg. 34,80 EUR
Up to 20kg. 36,30 EUR
Up to 25kg. 39,30 EUR
Up to 31kg. 42,50 EUR

Bulgaria, Romania, Greece
Shipping Time 4-6 Days

Up to 2kg. 47,40 EUR
Up to 4kg. 49,80 EUR
Up to 6kg. 52,20 EUR
Up to 8kg. 54,80 EUR
Up to 10kg. 57,90 EUR
Up to 12kg. 60,90 EUR
Up to 14kg. 64,00 EUR
Up to 16kg. 67,00 EUR
Up to 18kg. 69,90 EUR
Up to 20kg. 72,90 EUR
Up to 25kg. 79,00 EUR
Up to 31kg. 86,60 EUR

Island surcharge:

United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal:

24,00 EUR

Shipping by German Post (Deutsche Post):

With a shipping weight over 20kg another packet with the corresponding cost is sent.

Azores, Corsika, Cyprus, Guernsey, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Northern Ireland
Shipping Time: 7-14 Days

Up to 5kg. 18,- EUR
Up to 10kg. 22,- EUR
Up to 20kg. 34,- EUR

Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Canary Islands, Faroes (DK), Georgia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Greenland, Jersey, Kazakstan, Kosovo (Serbian province), Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro (Republic), Norway, San Marino, Serbia (Republic), Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City
Shipping Time: 14-30 Days

Up to 5kg. 31,- EUR
Up to 10kg. 39,- EUR
Up to 20kg. 54,- EUR

Russian Federation
Shipping Time: 14-30 Days

Up to 5kg. 32,- EUR
Up to 10kg. 39,- EUR
Up to 20kg. 56,- EUR

Shipping Time: 4-6 Days

Up to 5kg. 30,- EUR
Up to 10kg. 36,- EUR
Up to 20kg. 50,- EUR

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Jordan, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Syria, Tunesia, USA, United Arab Emirates
Shipping Time: 14-30 Days

Up to 5kg. 38,- EUR
Up to 10kg. 55,- EUR
Up to 20kg. 77,- EUR

All other countries not already mentioned in the other categories belong in this zone. If you have not found your country of destination in the other regions therefore it falls into this zone.
Shipping Time: 14-30 Days

Up to 5kg. 47,- EUR
Up to 10kg. 63,- EUR
Up to 20kg. 102,- EUR

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.