20 Inch Frame Nimbus X Longneck

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This is a very good frame of the Nimbus range.
... a very good choice for high-end unicycling.

- Size: 20"
- Length of seat tube: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm
- Material: CrMo
- Color: Chrome
- Inside diameter seat tube: 22.2mm (= Seat post diameter)
- Outside diameter seat tube: 25.4mm (= Clamp inside diameter )
- Diameter Bearing holder: 42mm (= Bearing outside diameter)
- Bearing pitch: 100mm (center - center)
- Comes including bearing housing and screws

The Nimbus X frame is VERY special. It has been designed with the help of the TCUC unicycle club (USA). The frame is CrMo with zero overhang from the side tubing which is then tapered in to what was thought to optimum by their riders. The seatpost tube is also not like others in the Nimbus range; it is 22.0mm so allowing the foot to get closer to the wheel when doing stand-up tricks. The frame has been constructed by a new method with an internal 120mm reinforcement tube interlocked with the crown so vastly improving its strength and durability. It also has machined bearing housings for 42mm bearings, so this is a nice mover.

Chrome frame option available in different sizes. The longer seat tube enables the clamp to be closer to the saddle, this protects your legs and your seat post.

Bearing pitch: Bearing center to bearing center.

Shipping weight: 1,20 kg