203mm (12 Inch) Unicycle Qu-ax Luxus

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For children, who are too small for a 16" unicycle.

- Wheel size: 12"
- Color: Chrome
- Frame: Flat crown frame, steel
- Saddle: Small Children saddle with removeable bumbers
- Seat post: 25.4mm
- Seat clamp: Aluminium quick release
- Tire: 62-203 (12 1/2 x 2 1/4") tire - up to 30 PSI (2 Bar)
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Rim: Aluminum, silver
- Hub: Cotterless
- Cranks: 90mm, steel
- Pedals: Small child-friendly pedals
- Number of Spokes: 20
- Leg length: 48 - 69cm

OnlyOne and QU-AX unicycles with square taper axle are designed for children and beginners up to approx. 75 kgs. For heavier riders or for advanced use (like jumping, freestyle, hockey, basketball etc.) we strongly recommend a unicycle with stronger ISIS or Q-Axle hub like the QU-AX Profi or Muni series.


The minimum step length applies with shorted seat post.
Learn more about step length and wheel sizes.

How to assemble a unicycle.

Shipping weight: 4,70 kg
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