27.5 Inch QX #rgb Frame

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All #rgb-frames have one thing in common: They now have a Unicrown-frame and not a square-crown anymore. This keeps damage from your shins when touching the frame in rough terrain or during tricks for example. They are being made of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

To achieve a low weight at the same time, Qu-ax mades the seat-tube a lot larger. Sounds weird to reduce weight? Well, this allows to reduce the wall-thickness quite a lot! The tube is 38 mm wide at the low end – and 34,9 mm at the seatclamp-shell. This results in incredibly low weights

The 27.5" frame weighs only 533g. excl. bearing-sheels (78g) and screws (22g). Qu-ax sheds weight at that end, too – by putting the thread into the frame-bearing-shell. This is easier in handling – and saves the weight of those four nuts and washers.

The #rgb-bearing shells are, as already appeared on the latest QX [debut] series frames more more filigran and slim. leaving more space towards the wheel and with a guide for the bearing within the shell. The left blade features an IS-brake-mount at the left – as well as two gauge-guides on the frame-blade.

The 27.5" is made for tires up to 3,25". The ovalized frame-blades keep the outer width as low as possible away from the legs.

- Size: 27.5"
- Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
- Color: Black, red, blue, green
- Anodised color
- Inside diameter seat tube: 31.6mm (= Seat post diameter)
- Outside diameter seat tube: 34.9mm (= Clamp inside diameter )
- Brake mount: Disc brake - IS2000
- Diameter Bearing holder: 42mm (= Bearing outside diameter)
- Bearing pitch: 100mm (center - center)
- Weight: 633g.
- Comes including bearing housing and screws

Please note: #rgb frames comes with special seat post and clamp size! Please pay attention to the right sizes here.
Shipping weight: 0,80 kg