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#rgb unicycles are the new, colourful, taylor made municycles by QX-series.

#rgb stands for #red, #green, #blue - or #black. Rims, frames, seatclamps and seatposts are available in these colours.

But these unique unicycles are not only personal and individual, but also incredibly light - and technically stand of the art.

The QX #rgb-frame

All #rgb-frames have one thing in common: They now have a Unicrown-frame and not a square-crown anymore. This keeps damage from your shins when touching the frame in rough terrain or during tricks for example. They are being made of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

To achieve a low weight at the same time, we made the seat-tube a lot larger. Sounds weird to reduce weight? Well, this allows to reduce the wall-thickness quite a lot! The tube is 38 mm wide at the low end - and 34,9 mm at the seatclamp-shell.

The #rgb-bearing shells are, as already appeared on the latest QX [debut] series frames more more filigran and slim. leaving more space towards the wheel and with a guide for the bearing within the shell.

The 19" frame is made for tires up to a width of 2,6". The ovalized frame-blades keep the outer width as low as possible away from the legs.

The wheel

All #rgb wheels come with the ultralight Q-Axle hub with its thinwalled but rockproof 24 mm multi-spline axle. Making the wheel rigid and stiff at the same time. The 36 hole rims have a width of 45 mm for wide tires. A five-chambered double-wall makes the rims robust and stiff.

Whilst the hub comes always in anodized red, the rims are also available in black, red, green or blue with a laser etched QX-logo in the flange.

The seatpost

The all new #rgb-Stütze also has this new "fat" diameter of 31,6 mm - allowing thin walls and reducing its total weight to 216 mm at 350 mm length. It is made of 3D-forged, sand blasted anodized 7050 aluminum. The head is compatible with QU-AX and Kris Holm saddles with unicycle-mount. A pivotal post in 31,6 mm will be available very soon to fit KH Fusion One saddles, too.
A laser-etched scale on the back makes it easier to fine-adjust your position.

The seatclamp

The #rgb-seatpostclamp is beautifully filigrane and has two bolts for secure clamping at only 29g. It has the laser-etched #rgb-logo.

- Wheel size: 387mm (20")
- Color: Black, red, blue, green
- Frame: The #rgb frames have a wide 34,9 mm steerer-tube for thin wall-thicknesses with maximum rigidity. They are made of 6061-T6 aerocraft-grade aluminum alloy. An anodized frame is lighter than a painted one, too - and finally, the threads in the frame save the weight of steel-nuts you would need otherwise. All this makes the QX #rgb frame weigh only 422g (shells 78g, screws 22g). The #rgb frame has a unicrown shape to protect your legs from any impact. #rgb Logos are lasered, the huge QX-logos are decals - definetly one of the lightest frames on the market.
- Saddle: QX Slim saddle, extra thin, extra firm for maximum control, integrated handle for compact handling
- Seat post: #rgb 7050 aluminum seatpost with styled, wide head, huge 31,6 mm diameter for thin wall-thickness and only 216 g in 350 mm
- Seat clamp: Filligrane QX-series #rgb aluminum seatclamp with double bolt clamping, laser #rgb-logo, only 29g
- Tire: 67x387 mm (19x2,5") Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Rim: Wide #rgb rim, 19", 6061 aluminum alloy, 5 double-wall chambers, 45 mm outer width, 38,6 mm inner width, QX laser-logo on flange
- Hub: Q-Axle hub - huge 24 mm diameter steel spindle, drilled to a maximum for minimum weight, aluminum-body
- Cranks: Light QU-AX Zero Q-Axle cranks, 127 mm, anodized black
- Pedals: Light black QX-series plastic pedal
- Number of Spokes:
- Weight: 4.7kg
- Leg length: Min. 62cm
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The minimum step length applies with shorted seat post.
Learn more about step length and wheel sizes.

How to assemble a unicycle.

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