Magura Hydraulic Brake HS33

119,90 €
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The best rim brake for unicycles!

This Magura-brake comes with hoses specially made for unicylcesn (the main hose has 600 mm), the connection-hose between the sockets has 230 mm, which allows tires with a with of 3.0?.

Magura Hydro advantage:

- Maintenance-free - No cable
- Good feeling - fewer flexing
- High brake power
- Easier to mount the hose (e.g. around the seat post)

- Hose brake lever -> brake cylinder: 600mm
- Hose between brake cylinders: 230mm
- Pads: Black

This brake comes without any mounting hardware like Brake Lever Mounts and Clamps!

Shipping weight: 0,40 kg
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